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Maybe we can collectively Reverse Engineer the length of this spacer (Item 5540).

Has the bolt been replaced from the original one? My assumption is that the bolt has a larger diameter shank than the threaded portion of the bolt.

Look at the attached diagram and see if my conclusions make sense when looking at the suspension assembly of your car. I think washer 55596 seats against the shank of bolt *45859-S, this keeps anyone from over-compressing the bushings. If that is true, than the length of your spacer 5540 is fractional shorter than the lenght of bolt *45859-S MINUS the thickness of the Axle Perch (part of 4010 axle housing), but long enough to retain the compressed thickness of bushings 5537. Also if washer 55596 or the bolt have been replaced by something different, that could change this connection from the way it should function. Looks like your bolt is different than my conclusion. I have a hardware catalog that I can check later this evening to see if the bolt is unique.

If your bolt is the original design, than the lenght of the spacer would be fractionally smaller than the bolt shank lenght MINUS(-) the spring perch thickness MINUS(-) washer 55596 thickness. This would assume that your nut would be run up to the ends of the bolt threads.

It appears the purpose of the spacer and bushings is to allow this connection to move side-to-side as well as up and down for suspension travel.

Maybe someone else has some ideas after reading this.

Added an additional sketch for clarity.
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