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I measured the recess in the bottom of my (steel) battery tray. I get that it will accept a 12x7 battery.

I did find some places with 27F batteries including Interstate
and Sears. But the dimensions show 8" wide in one case and 12.6" long in another (Sears).

So apparently not just any 27F battery will fit ??

Am I missing some kind of insert that long ago got lost?

I am a little concerned about the height over toward the radiator where the hood is the lowest. I can see about 8 1/2" of clearance but the 9" mentioned by the Sears 27F leaves me a little skeptical (I could end up feeling really dumb if I manage to buy a battery that "almost" fits ) Or Sears includes the posts in the height. Who knows?

So back to the first response. A Motorcraft 27F should correctly fit the TBird?
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