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Default Removing a '62 Dashpad

Zak ~ 62-TBird is at the point in his repairs where he needs to remove the dash pad. Anyone who has done this on their '62, I am sure he would appreciate knowing how to go about it on a Bulletbird. Here is what Zak just said in email!

"I finally got the car engine, and engine bay sorted, now it is time to finish the dash pad, what would be required to remove? Would I need to pull all the gauges and ac, radio?

I have a 62 t-bird. I bought this car with the hopes of restoring it properly one part at a time, and I was originally going to work on sanding and finishing wheel wells, and undercoating the underside of the car and a little bit of rust repair underneath the door and so on. But then I started driving it after the engine was finished(full rebuild) and I didn't like the way the dash pad looked, so I would like to replace it. I know an upholsterer who Is going to do the seats with me all by hand, and show me how that works. And also doing the headliner. So I would like to know what I need to remove to get the dash pad off and replaced. Also, the clock on the gauge cluster doesn't work, would that be a fuse? Or maybe a battery? Thanks for the time to read and help.

Here is a pic of the interior.
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