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Thank You for the post and your pictures, Geoff. I have to admit, I'm very confused. Didn't you invest in a power disk brake setup from Tom's? Didn't we discuss your ability to cut, bend and flare brake line?

I'm not criticizing but simply wondering, why did you buy a single-piston M/C?

Yes, you can beat this horse until you have the world's finest drum brakes but they will never perform as well as disk brakes. Wouldn't it be more practical to go in a forward direction and put drum brakes behind you, as all the auto manufacturers have?

I'm still scratching my head...

BTW, that rubber band around the M/C isn't used any more. I think the logic is, the M/C should not exert a hydraulic pressure on the booster and the booster should not pull a vacuum on the M/C so they allow atmospheric pressure between the two. Periodically we hear horror stories about boosters that are filled with brake fluid resulting in clouds of smoke coming out the exhaust pipes from this condition. - Dave
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