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Default Replaced Master Cylinder

Today I replaced my Master Cylinder. Very straightforward, and followed the Shop Manual to a tee.

Why? Because after pressing the brakes, Left & Right Front Wheels would not completely release. Right wheel gets so hot it cannot be touched or handled. Spins with difficulty. It does eventually release when cold. Has Difficulty Releasing when HOT.

You have probably seen my previous threads talking about this challenge. I am simply posting pictures of my progress making this change. See below:

Here I have removed the Shock Tower Strut, removed the 2 nuts holding on the MC, removed the brake line from the brake line fitting, removed the stop light switch wiring, all per the manual:

Here is old MC on the bench. Note the rubber seal is still on the bore housing. I was able to reuse the same seal. I went to several auto part shops (O'Reilly, Pep Boys, Auto Zone) and could not find one. Catalogs didn't show them so I had to hope it worked, and it does.

Stop Light Switch and Brake Line Fixture removed and cleaned up.

Old v. New

Newly Installed and just filled with new Brake Fluid. Per the manual, I pressed the brakes serveral times to get the air out before tightening down the brake lines. Worked just fine.

The results were mixed.

I ran the car for about a 10 mile shake down. I stopped after about 5 miles, and the Right Wheel was very hot. Left Wheel was cool to touch (good). So the Left Wheel is acting properly, while that right wheel is not.

They only thing left to replace are the springs on that Right Wheel. Everything else is brand new (2x).
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