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Thanks for the kudos Ray, but you gotta know that driller (John Peters) gave me great instructions and directions. I couldn't have done any of this without him. So give due thanks and respect for the REAL webmaster who has carried Squarebirds for all these years, DRILLER. Thanks again, John.

And to you too, Ray. You acquired the pictures *. Without them, none of these links would be fixed.

* A little background... Ray had no idea where Alexander's widow (Julie Sosiak) moved to, since his passing (two years ago). It is a miracle that Alexander's computer, from many years ago, still runs and has the original Squarebirds files on the hard drive. It's also a miracle that Ray found her on the internet.

Ray spoke with Julie. Together, they gleaned the files we were missing from Alexander's hard drive. She burned three CD's and sent them to Ray. Thanks for the CD's, Ray & Julie.

Also, none of this could happen without the members' pictures. The men and women who make Squarebirds possible are the enthusiasts, restorers, and owners, who shared pictures of their passion. You are my brothers and sisters. Thanks.

We live all over the world, and we continue to share our love for Thunderbirds through Alexander's legacy; My deepest thanks and respect go out to Alexander. - Dave
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