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No, he's a dealer and doesn't seem knowledgeable about the 60's era Ford products or this car's past, but maintains the car is 100% original as shown.

In email, I informed him the engine may be a HP or Police engine, unique in itself, and offered to help decode the castings to determine what he has. There wasn't any reply and the classified retains the 430 engine reference in his description.

The ROT sheet doesn't indicate anything out of the ordinary, besides the an entry under REMARKS at the bottom, OVERDRIVE TRANSMISSION. He actually has two ROT sheets, ROT418 Thunderbird and ROT419 Lincoln Premiere Landau 4DR.

His business is 1.5 hours from my mother's in Florida, if I arrange a trip soon, I'll pay him a visit.
Maybe the LINC sheet was thrown into the BIRD on the line? Is it (BIRD) a Y or J chassis?

Anything you are able to find would be most appreciated. Whoever did it seems to have done a nice job.
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