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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
And the difference is, the Coyote engine is sold outright. The entire engine is light weight aluminum that produces 435HP right out the box. It features a roller cam and it is balanced.

By contrast, US$4,700 is a terrible price because you end up with a heavy cast iron engine that was assembled with cheap components, uses flat tappets and is not balanced. Expect 80,000 miles, like when the 1960 engine was new.

When I overhaul an engine I assume nothing. I take it all the way down, machine the castings, then use name-brand components and premium parts like, FelPro gaskets, Cleveite bearings, a true roller timing set, Hastings moly rings, Mellings oil pump and intermediate shaft, brass core plugs, etc. I also choose a proper cam for the intended service, and time it accordingly. My recent builds included roller cams for today's oils (so do OEMs). Expect 250,000 miles between overhauls, iike modern engines.

I'm not knocking Egge's offering, at least they have one, but their components are mediocre at best. Cast pistons in a naturally aspirated engine work perfectly fine but I use hypereutectic alloy aluminum with moly rings (and so do the OEMs).

The best combination (for me) is to source domed 430 pistons then hand pick all the other components. Curiously, the kits may be available including pistons but individually, their pistons are typically out of stock because the bundle fetches bigger profits. I guess they need to make money some how... - Dave
Was just using it as an example of what motors cost these days.
Funny with all that technology and a 4.17 first gear, it does not have the off idle torque of a worn out 430 (some of it is the crappy response of throttle by wire, but most of it is just lack of cubes).

250K miles, is about what I do, total mileage in all vehicles, in 20 years. I won't see 20K on any of my classics in 20 years. After that, I'll worry about it if you are still aloud to drive at all, let alone drive ICE vehicles.

I guess my moms orig 60, bought new by my dad and had 90K on it when it was parked in 77, was a real fluke then, huh?? Still ran just as well as it did when new (started to have some wierd electrical gremlins in headlights and Mom wanted new car, which unfortunately for her was a 77 Granada, a POS the day it came off the line and just got worse from there).
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