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I just called Wiseco and Egge. Wiseco will do them for $1100 with moly skirt, or $940 without (either would be forged). Egge will do them for $1200, again forged.

Interestingly, Egge has the 462 cast pistons with what looks like the original "step" , but their cast 430 pistons are flat tops.

Whole 430 rebuild kit here.

Lets say you add another $800 for the correct pistons, so we are at $3100 for parts.

It was suggested $600 for 430 head machine work. Lets add
another grand for block, tank and machine work. So we are at about $4700 for a mostly stock rebuild (with forged pistons, assuming self reassembly).

Not a crazy amount of money these days. For reference, here is a bone stock 2015 coyote long block.
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