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Default Order 2016 Squarebirds Calendar!

Last year, as I recall, there were 43 Calendars sold over about a 3 month or so period. So far this year, in just 10 days, 14 people bought 41 Calendars! All but two orders have been shipped and some have received theirs already. The other two orders are in production, being printed and then will be mailed. Thanks for the orders, guys & gals! This is pretty amazing. As you receive your orders, please let me know what you think of them so I will know what I might have to adjust next year, since this is my first time to do them through Cafe Press. I do know that I need to drop the Squarebirds logo just slightly because the "i" in Squarebirds is being clipped slightly by the hole punch for hanging. I also know that I need to move up the bottom line of text slightly, where possible, to get it a bit further up from the spiral binder hole punching. I hope that ya'll will be pleased with the results this year again. I am pleased that I have not had to do all the work of taking orders, buying mailers, addressing and mailing them out!

I have been asked if a Guest of the Forum can order these calendars. The answer to that is that anyone who wants to order a calendar from Cafe Press is free to do so. It makes good advertising sense for a non-forum member to buy one if they wish to. That is a good way to advertise our fantastic Forum!

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