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My father in law uses Grundy, which I planned on using but my Tbird had a Hagerty sticker on it and side tracked me haha. It out it in the front of my mind. Anyway he has 2 street rods, both beautiful. A 1928 Ford Model AA truck and a 1929 Model A Roadster. He has agreed value on them. The truck I believe is at $45k and the roadster is I think $70k. Every year or so they raise the value on his automatically must be for COLA. He doesn't ask they just do it. The roadster has $20k alone in just the frame/suspension. We are from Ohio near Summit Racing though I am in Nashville now. His roadster sat at summit for a while on their spinning mirror. I've had a lot of cars and bikes in my time and this TBird ended up becoming one of my favorites in the couple of months of owning it and it would have never even garnered a look before. I want it to be in my stable for a long time and want to make sure it's properly covered in case anything would happen to it. Because I am dropping money into an already nice car to make it that much better but I don't want to sink $10k in a $5k car even if I do like it. I could sink that money into another car and still drive this one.
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