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Default Gremlins

With dash out it was a lot easier to see and work on it, and with your help have found at lest one gremlin!.Key switch had 12v yellow from light switch, but no place after, but oil and eng. light was always on. just as I hook up batt. they came on no mater what key position. ruff it up it its 56 years old ricky race that key if its broken you cant hurt it. with that in mind. I took volt measurement here and ther, have no idea what i'm doing.
while looking dumbfounded at steering, My lovely Bride of 30 years in Aug. comes out "could you put on the water"! Oboy can I. Jump up unplug Batt. hang out for a bit in the house.
.Now all fired up get back to Bird I had screwdriver in pocket and I whack what turns out in be the voltage regulator on the head. plug batt in go sit on floor look at wires, moving the tester
from post to post, its lights up sometimes, take notes. "HEY" my oil and eng. lights are off haven't seen that, what happen check batt. maybe, I kicked something when I got out. ask Terri did you see 2 little lights on when you came out today?.?? !!!I whack that box!
Yep open it up I see copper, coils, points, the first ones are burnt, I push on the top they stick, look in the window, LIGHTS are on, pull them apart they go off. Key still do nothing. no more time to day.Few days later. Get back after reading and getting help from the Square. Give the key a good wiggle, an wiggle no change not a flicker, wiggle harder well if it wasn't broken it is now! came apart in the middle, separated guts on floor! have to get new switch. I guess I'll work on brakes.
.................................................. ......................
Now the Bird has been up on blocks and jacks since I needed wheels to get the 59 parts car. and I read that you have to hammer sometime to get drums off. Let me tell you I hammered, ......
Stupid *** Randy did not have the nut with all the grease off.
Thats right. Yeah laugh it up!! My neighbor stuck his head over the fence what all that racket? that's about the same time it hit me!Duh!. Disks no problem. two very short videos at end of pictures, shows Brakes drums and stuff Best looking part of the bird.
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