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Originally Posted by YellowRose View Post
I can tell you that, according to the Vintage Thunderbird Club International Official Factory Specifications (OFS), the headlights were either GE or Tung-Sol, and both had their ID mark in the center of the headlight. As to the part number for either light, it does not say. But somewhere on those headlights, it should say, I would think.
Sorry to jack the thread, but I am curious about the headlights. When I purchased the 65 from the original owner I noticed that all the headlights said FoMoCo so I asked him if he had ever changed the lights, he told me not that he could remember.

So in 65 did the car come with lights ID as Ford lights? Not sure if it was a good idea or not, they all still worked so I pulled them and boxed them up assuming they were the original lights for the car.
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