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The high beam is a dual filament unit while the low beam is single filament. The modern lights of the same diameter will have higher wattage than the original lights provided by Ford (50W high, 37.5 low) as well as being dirt cheap. I have had no trouble walking into auto parts stores and getting Wagner's. I brought my old ones with me.

Suggestion: replace all 4 of them! Then you will have a) better lighting b) uniform lighting and c) not have the old one burning out in the near future. About $20 total for Wagner's. Even better, cut loose for a spare high and a spare low and tuck them away in the gargage.

Rims: do a search and you will find all kinds of info on
the bolt pattern you need. It is the same for all Fords so finding a rim for the trunk should be easy. I sandblasted one up, painted it black and spent $10 for a used tire of correct size at the local tire dealer

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