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Smile Putting the bird away for the wint

Hi Everyone:
I read this forum daily and really enjoy getting to know the members and picking up bits of info on my 60 bird. Fortunately, I have not any recent issues with the bird and so have just been reading everyones posts.

It is snowing like crazy right now in N. Minnesota (with 3 inches on the ground and it looks like I am living in a Christmas snow globe.) I happily put the bird away in her new winter home. After I bought the car in early August, I knew I needed a great winter storage place that was mouse proof. I was able to totally retrofit an older 28 by 30 garage and I am very pleased with the results. I now need to start the process of getting the car ready for winter storage. I will search the archives as I am sure that there is a wealth of information out there.

Thanks for all your help. It looks like my winter reading will include daily visits to this forum and starting up a new car club for our area.

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