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Originally Posted by YellowRose View Post
...Body type: 65A - Fairlane 500 Galaxie Club Victoria...
No, the model is either a Body Type 63A (Fairlane "500" Club Victoria) or,
Type 65A (Galaxie Club Victoria).
It cannot be a Fairlane Galaxie.

Certain 'rules' and options went along with each model.
The 1959 Ford 300 was a 'base' model with very little chrome, no carpeting and it was made for 'utility' service.

The 1959 Ford Fairlane (or Fairlane '500') HAD been top models for '58. 1959 Custom '300', Fairlane and Fairlane '500' roofs are identical and shared with Edsel models.

The 1959 Ford Galaxie was Ford's luxury full-size model. It included two-tone paint options that were unique to Galaxie and NOT available with the other models. The roofs were styled from the Squarebird roof lines, and the interiors were much nicer than Fairlane models. Galaxie was 'it' in full-size Fords.

Now comes the confusion. Our friend's car is a Galaxie Club Victoria. Nowhere on the car does it show, 'Club' or 'Victoria'.

The trunk lid says, Fairlane 500, which has nothing to do with this car. Both, 'Fairlane' and '500' are wrong and should not appear on any '59 Galaxie. Ford used the center '0' for the trunk key in '500'. So rather than spending money on engineering changes; new dies, more and different parts, Ford carried-over the 1958 Fairlane 500 trunk lid because it was beautiful, cheap and 'in production'.

'Galaxie 500' made its debut in 1960. Wouldn't you think that Ford designers could have changed ''Fairlane" script on the trunk lid to "Galaxie" and simply created the 'Galaxie 500' in '59 instead of waiting another year? - Dave
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