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Default trailer hitch

I have some interesting information for those of you who are looking for original Draw-Tite Squarebird/Tbird trailer hitches!

bigmess16 is Corey, who is a sales rep for Draw-Tite Co, who made these original, stamped trailer hitches for our Squarebirds and other Ford products. simplyconnected ~ Dave, contacted Corey about the possibility of Draw-Tite making more of these trailer hitches. Corey wanted to see the pictures of them I posted, so he joined us!

Now, at this point, I have no idea, nor does Corey, possibly, if Draw-Tite would even want to start up production on this model 50 year later... Perhaps, if Corey was given an indication of how many would like to buy a Draw-Tite trailer hitch for the 1958-1960 Squarebirds, 1961-1963 Bulletbirds, and 1964-1966 Flairbirds, that might help the company make a decision.

So if you want one, you might post here to Corey ~ bigmess16 and let him know. This is an excellent chance to possibly bring back this product if the demand warrants it.

I think this warrants posting in the other two Forums, so I will.

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