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Default What I did

When I brought my 60 home from a junk yard the trunk latch was rusted tight. I removed the rear seat and use a 3/8" drive socket set and a chain of extensions to remove the two bolts that hole the lower assemble in place (bolts 20327-3). If I remember correctly they are 7/16 and I used a 6 point socket. It took two people one to turn the ratchet and one to support and guide the array of extensions. I got mine I hope you get yours.

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Hey Guys,

I put my key into the trunk lock on my 60' Bird on Saturday and i felt something snap inside when i turned the key and now the lock spins two full rotations and stops but won't open. I called my local lock smith and he said he couldn't help me. Any one have this happen before? The thought of damaging the trunk lid or the emblem and cover to get it open turns my stomach. I'm hoping somebody knows a trick.

Thanks in advance!
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