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Default Ignition switch question

I received this message today and do not have the first hand knowledge to help, so I am copying and pasting it here for y'all to help him. Thanks in advance. J

Hi Joe, i'm new to this site, I have a 1962 tbird, I ordered a new ignition tumbler and keys from macs. I removed the old one( had to drill it out) the one they sent me is not the same as the old. looking at it from the back side, there are 3 extensions. one at 12 oclock, one at 7 oclock, and one at 1 oclock. the one that came out has only 2, one at 12 o clock and one at 5 oclock. I called and they told me I probably don't have an original switch, does this sound correct? I know the switch I took out has been in a very long time, the key is worn to a nub.
the car only has 29,000 miles on it.
thank you for any help
joe delbonis
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