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Originally Posted by kevin_tbird View Post
I am replacing the headliner in my 60 bird and am now ready to replace the vinyl on the sunroof panel.

Mine has a seam sewn down the middle to attach muslin the back and the muslin is then glued to the thin steel piece that is part of the panel frame.

Should I sew a piece of muslin to my new vinyl before installing it. Has anyone else done this?

Take the steel surround and make sure you sand down all the lose and bumpy bits of glue, then glue the sliding headliner panel in place at ONE END first, stretch the vinyl over to the other side but not to tight and glue again, make sure you put weights on each end on top of the metal band, to make sure the glue takes a firm hold and an EVEN HOLD you can use clothes line pegs. , you then sew the cental bar into place before fitting, and dont forget the 4 small cross headed screws in each corner...ONE THING TO MAKE SURE do not! sew the central bar into place until the glue has set around the edge of the steel frame to allow for sag, you will get some can then stitch the central bar then follow installation process from this website.
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