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Default Unknown brake conversion on a 62

We have a 62 TBird in the shop now for a transmission swap and the previous owner did a front disc brake conversion. He told the current owner that it was all Ford stuff, possibly from a Granada. I have two issues with it.

Photo 1 is the inboard view of the passenger side and you can clearly see the oval on the cast caliper bracket. On the right side there is a steel attachment fastened with a short bolt, large diameter but thin head, with an allen head drive. The casting is Ford but maybe the plate and bolt are aftermarket?

Photo 2 is a rear view. The wheels are straight and the OE stop is very close to the caliper. This car must have a turning circle of about 500', so that's my first issue.

Photo 3 from above looking into the piston. It's not centered on the pad at all and I'm concerned this is causing deflection in the caliper. The drivers side was dragging hard when he drove the car in and I think this may be the cause.

Any thoughts on what this conversion is if my concerns are valid would be helpful.
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