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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
I am concerned about two things:

"This is a self-exciting alternator." I hope not. I hope it only produces power when the GEN light is connected and the key is on.

There is no mention of a fuse or proper size battery wire. If this alt puts out over 100-amps you need #2-AWG stranded copper wire, fused for 125-amps.

- Dave
On the top of the instructions it mentions “65amp alternator”. I figured they just stuck the same installation instructions for all their conversion kits. Can I tell by looking at the case what kind of alternator this is? I thought a single wire alternator just had the one mounting stud that went to the battery. This one has another two wires (white and red) that plug into the back of the alternator. This setup cost me $30 more than the one concourse advertises on their site. I won’t be too happy if they sold me the same thing for more money!
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