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Sorry it took so long to get to you on this, I haven't gotten on the form to much since my auto accident I was hit in the passenger door of my truck and it was totaled, so I'm slow getting to the posts.

(I hope we are talking about the power cylinder Passenger side 2lines.) If not let me know and I will send you the info on the control cylinder.

1. When you remove the ram cylinder from the car the easiest way to do it will be turn the wheel all the way left this extends the cylinder all the way out remove the nut on the end of the rod. And the 2 hydro lines,

2 using compressed air (I forget witch hole) I look at it this way we have a 50-50 chance of getting it right on the first try.
The air will retract the cylinder in to the housing

3. Undo the nut holding the cylinder to the steering bars, and remove from the car.

4. Using a bench vice if you have one makes the rest of the job easer. Mount the cylinder in the vice using soft jaws, or rap it with 2 or so raps of a shop towel. Do not clamp it to tight or you will damage the cylinder.

5. Using snap ring pliers looking at the rod end of the cylinder remove the lock ring from the end. Hold a rag over the end and using compress air to the same port that you used to retract the rod this will force the seal and backing ring out of the end of the cylinder. If it does not come out the first time, put air to the other port it took me about three cycles back and forth to get the seal out.

6. Clean and inspect the rod and end of the cylinder for damage if none. Then reinstall the seal and backing.

If your kit was like mine you will not use all parts in the kit. So look at the way the seal comes out and match them with the new seals and install the new seal with lots of tyranny fluid to make sure the seal goes in right. You may have to use a socket the size of the cylinder opening to seat the seal (I did) but tap lightly so the seal will not be damaged.

"Only put in the same number of parts you took out”

Reinstall the snap ring making sure it gets in to the groove in the cylinder.

Push and pull the rod in and out by hand wile doing so put a finger over one of the holes the rod will either stop or get hard to move and when you let go it will move slightly in the opposite direction. This means the end sealed up properly. And you’re ready to reinstall.

(One quick thing when you put the power steering system back together make sure you have some one to help one to turn the wheel back and forth and one to add the tyranny fluid, you will notice the level drop quick fast when you first turn the wheel and you can run the pump dry) I know this from experience!

Power steering pumps are not fun to rebuild.
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