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I was wondering what was going on there...I read something about there being caps to the bows but I never looked too much into it. I used a few "pins that I found laying around the house to prevent the bow from moving. Now it fits solid and doesnt move at all. The othe bows were just fine.

I finished the headliner now and I think it looks great. I used a normal staple gun that I bought at Home Depot and It worked just fine. I just made sure to use shallow staples ( I think 1/4 inch).

Does anyone know where to find replacement caps for the headliner bows?

What I am going to do is take it back apart and show how I did it. Even though it's finished I want to post the process for those who want to intall one. I haven't found a good intall guide on this site so I will try to do my best to do a step by step guide.


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