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So the stud arrived this week and I re-assembled the starter motor. Did a quick test on the bench and it worked well.
Re-installed it this morning and didnīt use the electrical fuel pump, just to test the starter a bit longer. It was working very well with a lot more power then i remember it had before, but of course the brushes where worn to their limits.
Then i used the electrical fuel pump to fill the bowls and wanted to start the engine. Surprise, nothing. I can hear the starter relay and a noise from the starter that its trying to do something, but no rotation.
I turned the crankshaft by hand, just to be sure that there was no hydraulic lock in one of the cylinders (even though i would not know why that should suddenly happen), but it was free to rotate.
Took the starter of again and removed the band, all looks normal. Didnīt had the time to continue the trouble shooting, but tomorrow morning i will put it directly on the battery again and see what it does.
Will be continued.....
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