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Default Davidmij - Disc Brake Conversion & Rim Problems

Hey everyone, So I finished the brake job on my 59 T-bird and everything went great right down to bleeding the brakes. However, I put the wheels back on and they just barely hit the calipers - when I tightened the lugs the wheels wouldn't turn. I looked closer and notice the wheel just barely touches the calipers (on both left and right wheels). I got one caliper from RockAuto and the other from Autozone. They're for a 1990ish S-10 Blazer 4WD, per the excel spreadsheet list.
Dave Dare, I think we ordered the caliper bracket for a 59 Galaxie because it was $10 less than the one for a 59 T-bird and it looked identical. You don't suppose there's a tiny difference we didn't see do you?
Anyone have any suggestions? It looks like I could grind the caliper case a tiny bit and make them work, but I thought I would ask around before getting crazy on it.

thx in advance, Dave Jones
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