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Originally Posted by Anders Myrberg View Post
Dave: I seriously like to have one of these "originals" if possible.
I might take the trip to The Netherlands and buy myself a old Constructam Comet 5 some day. Will give me a reason to visit Marco and have a Heineken with him
Hi Anders,

Great pics of the '60 with the Constructam!
If you want to come over and have a drink, no problem because I run a B&B!!
(Beer & Breakfast)

If you want to haul a (vintage) trailer with an original hitch you need to drill a hole in your bumper, please keep that in mind!
That's one reason why I still haven't mounted mine, the second reason is the rear springs/shocks.
For the '59 and '60 you can buy adjustable Rear Air Shocks from Monroe (#MA 739) but for our '58 I'm still looking for years now to get some adjustable shocks.
(All tips / info very appreciated!)

Good luck hunting.............
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