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Originally Posted by GTE427 View Post

Are you re-configuring the front wheel opening or replacing damaged/rusty sheet metal?

Could you discuss the amount of rust and metal replacement of the rocker panel. Looks like you've removed the outer sheet metal and have also cut away the inner boxed metal structure. Since rockers rust away and are an integral part of the uni-body, any info on you're findings and repairs would be of interest.
Both front fenders have been repaired at some point. Bad repairs.Lots of brazing rod and poor metal straightening requiring globs of bondo. I have nothing against bondo when used correctly. I use it all of the time.

I'm fixing the damage and re-configuring the wheel opening.

The left rocker had a used rocker brazed on top of it. The repair caused the inner rocker to rust out in the sections that I have removed. The removed sections where raised areas stamped in the inner rocker so that the outer rocker could be spot welded to the fender and 1/4 panel then lead was applied to finish the welded area off.

The outer rocker does add strength as you have pointed out, but there is quite a bit more inner structure hiding behind it. It looks like there is another inner rocker inside the inner rocker, hope that makes since. It is very strong and appears very well built.

I hope I answered your question.
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