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Default You guys are awesome

So I had the "privilege" of joining another forum about F150 to try to get some research done on my uncles 1986 F150 5.0 EFI that he bought new and garage keeps. The thing is just amazing for being a 30 year old daily driver. I needed some help with early Ford fuel injection as I simply didn't remember the ins and outs of it.

So long story short is after asking for help, I was be basically told I was an idiot and and didn't know what I was doing. On two separate posts. I was told I should get my facts straight before I post. Now I am asking for help, so if I knew everything I would be posting the questions.

After reading that I thought to myself wow, that would never happen over a squarebirds, I pretty much have seen a few idiots wander through here and still they are helped way better than I was on the other Forum.

So thanks for the help guys and great job. Happy to be a member here!!!
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