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Default Choke Heat Riser Tube for 61 w/Autolite 4100

I did find the following thread, but didn't answer my question completely, so here goes:

Originally Posted by AKastl View Post
Bul-it - Below is a pic from my '62 HT... Is this setup more like what you have? If so, then the "U" shaped tube is the fresh-air inlet to the heating chamber and the asbestos covered steel line goes to the automatic choke as you know. The larger threaded area in the manifold (to the front of the choke tube) is (to my knowledge) where the Wixom line workers attached the install chain/threaded bolt assembly for engine install. Then I believe they simply unscrewed the bolts and on to the next...

Now, on my 1961 Convertible, the last remaining "hanging" item is this choke tube. The current assembly is in pretty bad shape to the point where the end that is supposed to plug into the exhaust manifold instead put a hole in my thumb. The correct piece I assume was snapped off and became the rusty needle that got me.

Am I wise to replace this whole assembly? The automatic choke seems to work ok, but I suspect it would be better if I made this to spec?
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