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Default My furnace is down...

This couldn't have been planned any better... My furnace blower motor started humming instead of turning. Turns out I need a new capacitor. Ok, the old one said 5mf but my Fluke measured ~2.5mf.

It's 50 degrees F in Detroit today. Apparently Brian Wheeler sent some of this heat from Fort Worth, TX right after we spoke over the phone last night.

Thank God it isn't the normal 30 degrees (freezing) as I have no furnace until the new cap is installed. Ok. time to search for one.

Fastenal advertises one for under three dollars (sku: 0454222) but they are out of stock in the entire Detroit area (figures). Next, I tried a warehouse for heating & A/C contractors three miles from the house. Yep! C'mon down. It was the cheapest $4.50 I've spent in awhile. They told me, when they are out of stock, this part only costs two bucks. Such a deal.

Time to install it before Robin comes home. - Dave
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