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Default 62 t bird motor mount help!

Hi guys, I am 15 years old and recently acquired a 62 thunderbird needing interior work only and some small engine work(changing gaskets), as this car is my first car, and is a classic I decided to do a burnout only once! I ended up shearing a motor mount bracket and destroyed my rear shocks, and front ones! After replacing all the shocks, brakes, master cylinder and wheel cylinders relatively easily, also valve cover gasket and head gasket, oil pan gasket, I also replaced the hardest freeze plug ever, after all of this and wondering why my exhaust manifolds were touched the wheel wells, and that the alternator bracket is rubbing against the frame and causing massive sparks, I decided to replace ALL the motor mounts, found out where I sheared the motor mount, and am looking at ordering a new one, since my parents don't really want to help or have anything to do with it, money is kind of tight, so, I personally have a welder Etc and was wondering if I could cut the motor mount bracket in 2, replace the bolt with a grade 8 or 10 bolt, and weld it back together, I have a mig welder and I think a tig welder. If someone could tell me how to post pictures that would be great!
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