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Got got wind of a parts car about an hour and a half up the mountain in Julian, it started raining but I still went because it has a great deal I got two bumpers and a door with glass in great shape for $100 for all of them, I had to take them off by my self, the gentleman Jim thats his name he did help me, hand me a wrench or two, got diabetes just like me so we had a lot to talk about, bad back, trifocals getting old not doing stuff and what not. Its was wet,cold, tires flat on one made difficult getting under, I got WD40, that door kick my butt, thank goodness he had more tools than I brought, that extension was much needed and magnet oh I needed that a time or two I could not keep it on the socket falling in the door, how much does that door weigh that's what I wanna know, I forgot my back brace, I wasn't thinking about anything but saving a boat load , Jim had the im sick of looking at it story... and to my surprise yesterday put on new battery cables to starter they where rotten and fried or both, the starter works the engine turns over, I'm a happy camper!!
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