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There are two very important factors in finding correct wheels, Back Spacing and the Inboard Safety Hump area. Let's refer to the picture below:

Your original 14" wheels have less than the minimum 3-1/2" Back Spacing but there is NO Inboard Safety Hump to accommodate a caliper11" because drums simply didn't need the hump.. This hump appeared with Granada/Versailles/Mustang disk brakes.

For new 14" wheels that work with S10 (Chevy) or S14 (GMC) calipers, go to and search for 'Wheels'.

On the left, click on:
Part Type / Wheels
Wheel Diameter / 14 in.
Wheel Bolt Pattern / 5 x 4 1/2 in.
Backspacing (in) / 3.5 in.
Wheel Width (in) / 6.0 in.

Then adjust the search to show Price, low to high. These prices include shipping to your house. If you have any technical questions, call their Tech Support Team.

Leonard Wheeler recently purchased new wheels from Summit for his Scarebird front disk brake retrofit. He said his new calipers hit the wheels but he ground off very little from the caliper casting to make them fit perfectly. He's running with 205-75R14 tires. - Dave
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