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Default 57 bird gauge problems

Lucien, I think I can save you a good bit of money. Rather than buy that OEM B7-10804-A CVR unit from CASCO, check this out. Our intrepid webmaster builds modern solid state CVR units into your OEM CVR unit, guaranteed for life, that you will never have to worry about again. If you become a Paid Member of the Forum, he has a special for you that will save you a good chunk of change. Here are the details. So rather than spending some $83 + shipping, consider this deal! BTW, that B9MZ-10804-C is NOT meant for a Tbird. I have no idea what that is. I did some checking on the Mac site. I see it says it is for '60-'66 Tbirds. However.... MZ is not the code for Tbirds. The letter S=Thunderbird is, as in B7S-10804-A. So I don't know what they are selling.. I see they want $24 for it, but I have been told that many of these CVR units are being made in China these days. One of our biggest Tbird parts houses told me that they have been having problems with these Chinese units failing. Me, I went through 3 of them before I finally put in a solid state CVR unit and have not had a problem since.

If you decide to go this route, I can send you his snail mail information. You will have to send him your OEM CVR unit from your '57 Tbird so he can build the solid state unit in it and send it back to you.

John, thank you for that information. I don't know what the "MZ" stand for, but, but apparently, it works on a '60 Tbird and up.

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