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Default 57 bird gauge problems

I have a problem with my fuel and temperature gauges not working on my 57 bird. I have changed the cvr with e new one from Mac's parts (b9mz-10804-c) and it is grounded did not help. I checked the voltage at cvr, car not running 13 volts in and voltage out is 5.0. I bench tested the gauges with 2 -1.5 volt batteries in series and both worked fine as per ford manual 1/2 on fuel gauge and mid point on temperature gauge.
I also disconnected both sending units, grounded the terminals and both gauges worked as per manual. I checked both fuel and temperature sending units and both ok. I checked voltage at the fuel sending unit with wire off and ignition on. the reading was 5 volts. With sending unit wire hooked up with about 1/2 tank of fuel, the voltage at tank sending unit was approx. 3 volts ,gas gauge showed empty. I disconnected the ground from the cvr and turned key on both gauges started working and climbed up, I turned off the key immediately and gauges went down. also when the key is off the temperature gauge sits on hot. I understand this is normal ? I tried a factory cvr from a 60 ford sunliner witch I know is good and still gauges did not work.
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