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There is a Ford of Canada Letter No. 59-G-28 that changes the Linkage adjustment on the 1959 Thunderbird with Cruise-O-Matic. It states: "The manual linkage adjustment specification has been changed on Cruise-O-Matic transmissions to assure proper and complete engagement of the selector lever in the park "P" position.
On page 4-20 of the 1959 Thunderbird Shop Manual, step 4 should be changed to read as follows:
Rotate the clevis on the manual shift rod until the hole is in line with the pin on the lever. It is important that the selector lever is not moved while making this adjustment. Then "lengthen" the clevis an additional three full turns and connect the shift rod to the lever. Tighten the clevis lock nut."
After completing the adjustment, check the selector lever positions to make certain that the lever engages properly in the park "P" position."

I found this in my reference notes and wonder if it also applies to the 58 and the 60.
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