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Default Order 2016 Squarebirds Calendar!

It looks like Cafe Press MAY have a slight glitch in their giddy-up! One of our guys order receipt said that he had ordered the October 2015 calendar. He said he knew darned well that he did NOT, and ordered the January 2016 calendar. But the receipt said otherwise. So I called them when I got his email and they are looking into this glitch in their system. I had them check every cotton picking order so far (for 30 calendars) and every one ordered January 2016 calendars, including his. IF you order and your receipt says October, or November, or December or any other 2015 month, shoot me an email and I can call them and have them check the order. So far there has only been one order that was wrong and that was entered incorrectly, but has since been fixed. So check what your receipt says when you order and let me know if you see a problem.

I can tell you that orders for Jim Elijah, Jed Zimmerman, and Ryan Underwood have been completed. When my records show it has been completed, they told me that also means it has been mailed. So in a week or so, ya'll should be seeing yours in the mail. The others are in the process of being printed and mailed.

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