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Joe, Ford has many thousands of cars produced for in-company use. If the car will ever be sold as used (or new) it must go through a dealership. Exceptions are units that are used for destructive testing.

You can imagine, just about every facility has pool cars and trucks. They are used and abused. I've never seen one just sitting around for months on end. On the contrary, each building never has enough cars. The basement of WHQ has gas pumps and a car wash. No money ever changes hands. The attendant either looks at the license plate prefix or the key tag to identify it as a company car. This saves Ford millions in transportation costs otherwise incurred in the absence of pool cars. The maintenance departments use thousands of F-150s and they keep them for two or three years. Some never see a public road until they are sold but they are all registered with the Michigan Secretary of State.

Your form number is good. As said, "How Shipped" would either be, E & L Transport trucks or by Rail. EL (E & L) is consistent with a local delivery to a dealership. Even executive's cars must go through a dealership.

The 'hash marks' would lead you to believe the Ford Security man at the back door had checked all the options against what is really in the car without getting in. Truth is, they have ONE MINUTE to weigh, check and wet-mount the 'sticker' on the driver's door window. One minute is ok until one car is 'wrong' and they have to cycle it back into the plant.

So, who gets all these carbon copies? Ford has one, the transportation company has one, the dealership has one, the window has one, etc... - Dave
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