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The single sheet of this form is complete except for a bit below the red print at the bottom which did not make the picture. Below the 2 holes in the bottom red line: on the left side the form number which is FORM FD-419-C-8R(8-55). Centered in this bottom margin is "ACCOUNTING WORK COPY" in all caps. My 57 form is very similar with the form # being FD-419-CR6 (9-56) and "GATE RELEASE AND ACCOUNTING" at the bottom. The 57 sheet shows: Bill Froelich Motor CO as a Los Angeles CA dealer the 57 was shipped to by "RAIL" in the "HOW SHIPPED" box. No other shipping info than 11 days transit time allowed.

In the 70's I tried to find out more about the car and could learn nothing more than the information printed on the sheet. I never located anyone who was familiar with the process during the mid 50's. Everyone I showed it to thought it "interesting" the car was built in Dec 55, shipped to the Engineering dept, and a penciled in order for a soft top added on 5/23/56. Only speculation would lead to what it was used for as there was nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about the car in any way, but the car was there for several months due to the 5/23/56 date on the company papers. Perhaps fitting the soft top was the purpose??

I have never seen the complete printed or un-printed stack of these 419 forms with the carbons intact, only single sheets like this. I will re-post the complete 56 form.

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