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I would like to see more of this order form:

I worked at Dearborn Assembly. This car was sold to the Engineering Staff of Ford, it says it was shipped via E&L Trucking (which is correct, not 'RAIL') but it doesn't say which dealership it went to. One of Dearborn's largest dealerships was owned by Henry Ford's cousin. ALL Ford cars go to and through a dealership.

All Ford documents have a Form Number. Your first one starts off with, "AAD..", which is Automotive Assembly Div. That is correct. ALL assembly plants used the same forms because Ford printed them in Ford Reprographics. Ford did not buy forms from vendors. Some forms had many carbon sheets between the pages so the second sheet might be more clear than the first IF the ribbon wasn't changed frequently.

Dearborn Assembly had 1,000 cars in-process, from the Body Shop through all the departments to the Driveaway Garage, where the Security Guard checked off the window sticker. He had one minute to check each car, weigh it and slap the wetted sticker on the driver's window. That is why each car had a FOUR digit rotation number (that still rolled over in ten days). Once the car got past the Security Guard, it was 'handed off' to the transportation company and Ford was no longer responsible for that car.

Again, I'd like to see this entire form even if it was reproduced.
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