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Default Build/Rot Sheet Question

Thanks, Joe. So you were able to buy a copy of your Build/Rot sheet back then? I was told that they may not have been using that sheet for Babybird production back then, but I do not know that to be a fact. I have looked at the Marti Auto website where you can get a lot of the old records from. Nothing, that I saw, mentioned the availability of Build/Rot Sheets, just those window invoices and other forms. They said to contact CTCI to see if one is available for a particular Babybird or not. I figured that those who own the '55-57's would be able to tell me if they ever found one of these sheets in their car, as those of us who own Squarebirds and other Tbirds have. Does anyone know who to contact in the CTCI about this? I tried to contact them last week and never got a response from them.

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