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You will need a;
good bench grinder,
valve spring compressor,
air compressor,
feeler gauges,
a decent torque wrench,
degree wheel (get a paper one from the internet and paste it onto cardboard or metal,
piston stop (you can make one from an old spark plug that fits your new heads. Gut the spark plug and weld a 1/2" X 1-1/4"piece of round stock.)
mechanical oil pressure gauge,
1/4"-20 tap set and
a die grinder with a burr.

In order to weight-match your pistons and rods you will need a good scale (up to three pounds). The best scale is a 'balance beam' with graduations in grams. Pistons are supposed to be matched to two grams (but they rarely are). I bring my parts to within 1/2gm. Con rods need to be weight-matched on each end separately because the crank pin end runs circular and the piston end runs in a linear motion.

Call Edelbrock and ask them what distributor gear will work with their cam.

You can start by cleaning and inspecting parts, like your rocker arm assemblies. Take plenty of pictures before dis-assembly, during cleaning, and after assembly. - Dave
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