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Default lexdownunder & Combating Prostate Cancer

Recently, we have had several Forum members who have been combating health issues of one type or another. Jed Zimmerman comes immediately to mind, and his battle with cancer. Over the years, several of our members have succumbed to one form of cancer or another. This includes our Founder, Alexander Sosiak, at age 50 several years ago. Followed by our Co-Founder, Sandy Block ~ SandyBoy and others. Cancer has touched the lives of any number of us on this Forum, myself included. It has been 17 years since I lost my Beloved Faye to Ovarian cancer. A website in her memory is still maintained by me as an educational and informational means of warning women of the dangers of this deadly disease. It can be viewed at: It has been instrumental in the saving of many a woman's life. It is approaching a half million views now. All of you should bring it to the attention of the women in your lives... The life it saves could be someone you love...

As many of you know, I communicate with our membership all over the world, by email and phone. Just in the last few days, Lex Wares ~ lexdownunder, in Tasmania, Australia, told me of his battle with Prostate Cancer, and his victory over it. He asked if he could post some information regarding his experiences with it, and his eventually being declared cancer free. After consulting with several of our key Adminstrators and discussing this, we have decided to ask Lex to post his information in Anything Goes. I have reviewed his initial proposed post. The information he has may very well save the life of one of us on our Forum or other men in our lives. He will make an initial post and then will answer any questions you might have. Feel free to post and ask questions of him, once he makes his initial post.

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