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Default '61 Convertible Top Not Going Up

HI Folks:

I did find a very lengthy thread on this, but I have a simple diagnosis question. Let me set the stage first:

1961 Convertible, the top worked just fine a few weeks ago, but since it is summer, we put it down, and leave it down. Went to work on the fuel sender, so I had to raise it up, but it won't go. The Trunk and Deck Lid open just fine, and I hear a "click" I assume to be the Top Erect Relay, but the pump does not engage. the only thing I have done is a basic tune up, so I don't think replacing spark plug wires, coil, distributor cap, and installing an electronic ignition would affect this.

So, is there a mininum voltage requirement that has to get through to the pump? If the Relay is "clicking" is that an indication of something right or wrong?

I suspect I can attach a electrical tester to measure the voltage getting to the pump.

Any helpful hints appreciated.

Yes, I do have the 1961 Shop Manual and the Convertible Top Maintenance Manual (which is really just a reprinted booklet of what is in the Shop Manual).
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