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Default Upsidedown ball joints?

This thread seems to have some people knowledgeable in ball joints. I'm afraid I' m not going to be doing my own work, but I've begun to wonder about the shop that will. Here's the scoop:
Our '60 Bird just tore out a hole in the control arm around the lower right ball joint. The ball joints were put in by a local shop about 5 years ago. Looking at the damage and the undamaged one, I see that they are bolted to the TOP of the control arm. This leaves the car's weight hanging on two bolts! Looking closely at my Ford shop manual reprint, it looks like the ball joint pictured has no bolt flange visible on top. If it is on the bottom, it would put the car's weight on the ball joint bolt flange, which seems to make more sense. Bottom line, did the shop screw up? Does the bottom ball joint go in from below (bolt flange under) or from above (flange on top?
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