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Originally Posted by DKheld View Post
Guess you are you adding an extra transmission cooler other than the one in the radiator?

You've always got great information on your repairs - looking forward to hearing what works. (and wishing I had copied your cup holder sooner - would have been nice this last trip)

No trans cooler at this point based on the feedback here. The cup holders fit $1 drinks from McDonalds perfectly!

Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
FE engines have a series of oil plugs along the LH side of the block and one at the oil filter, for your "OIL" light sender. Any one of them can be used to pick up oil for your cooler. - Dave
I will see if the changes I made will cool it down. Once I install the new hoses and my FoMoCo hoses I will fill it with a 70/30 mix of coolant and distilled water with a pint of water wetter. I have to make a parts run this weekend in Orange County so another 100 mile trip will be a perfect second test.

Unfortunately I had read that my temps are not too far away from others experiences. 190-200 on the freeway and 210-220 on the streets. If these engines are ok running that temp so be it if I have done all I can.

As far as the oil cooler:

The design of the bird really limits the location of an external cooler. I might be able to run a sandwich adapter and a heat sink mounted somewhere TBD.

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