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Adrian, you've come to the right place. All of us want to see you save money, not throw it away on 'stuff' that doesn't work.

Ray and John give excellent suggestions for buying original gauges. There are repair shops, too. When your dash looks bone stock and works well, it is a very handsome display. None of the aftermarket gauges come close in looks or function. Setting them up electrically is not a big challenge so don't let it intimidate you. Ford gauges cannot be connected backward because they work by using the heat from current. There are no magnetic motors or armatures, either. It's a simple setup that is nearly bulletproof. If you have gauges that are burned out I can hardly believe it. The only failures I've seen are dashboards that were left outside in the rain for decades, all rusted and frozen.

eBay sells your whole 3-pod cluster for $350 obo with free shipping so you know the left pod is a lot cheaper than that. - Dave
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