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Default Aussie/NZ Tbird Parts Sources

Phil~stubbie in Western Australia has provided us with the following information regarding America West in Western Australia. Lex ~ lexdownunder has also used him and provided me with additional information and contact information for him.

"Wayne imports cars/parts from L.A. to Fremantle by container every 6 - 8 weeks. I checked with him today & he is more than happy to have you add his name & company to the list. I used Wayne when I imported my Tbird L.A to Fremantle as well as for spare parts since then. Wayne arranged collection of my Tbird from Seattle & transporting to L.A. as well as all documentation both in U.S.A. & Australia. He also arranges for quarantine inspections & payment of import taxes etc. in Australia. His main importing (as you will see from his website) is Mustangs & Camaros but as a true car lover, Wayne will arrange collection & importation of any vehicle for clients."

Here is what Stubbie said: "I used this guy when I imported my 64 Thunderbird here to Western Australia. His price was good and he did everything. All I did was drop the car off at a place called Titan Shipping in California and picked it up from the cleaners when it arrived here in Perth. The cars are brought over in containers and he also bring parts back for people. He was in contact at all times and I never had a problem. His details are:

America West
Wayne Luxford
08 92499536 or Mobile 0428 892 312
http://Web site:

Mark Ravagnani ~ Griffin, in New South Wales has provided the following information regarding AustAuto ~ John DeBrincat. His email address is: and his local phone number is 0414 522533.

"I used his company to bring my bird over. I don’t think he has a website. I dropped him a line and he is happy for you to have his details. John brings cars and parts over in containers from California to Oz regularly. He has a contact and warehouse in LA where he stores cars and the containers are freighted from. I can recommend him as he takes great care when packing cars. He packed my car personally before it left the States and does not try to cram too many cars into a container. I’d be happy to talk to anyone about my experience shipping a car."

Norm & son Richard Shaw ~ factory on the Forum, have their own shop in Melbourne dedicated to restoring mainly old Fords, Lincolns,and T Birds. Also have Hot rod, Cadillac,Camaro and Mercury. We are presently doing a 1960 Squarebird hardtop ( white with re leather,manual trans) and a 1962 Sports Roadster. We do it the hard way using the US parts suppliers to ship direct. I have asked them for contact information for those of you who need help with repairs and parts in the Melbourne area.

All American Auto Parts

Eagle Auto Parts

Rare Spares

Import Perfection
Lee Lester ~ Director
Mobile: (+61)401 509 120

She imports a lot of vehicles and parts for Bill Knighton ~ Penelope, in Perth. He says "she is an absolute expert at this and wont have an issue with shipping anything car related, I can assure you! He also said she only moves parts to Fremantle which is our port in Western Australia, so they would need to move them from there to where-ever they are. Most people in OZ are “east” of Perth and road transport is the cheapest way to move stuff. That is a good thing as the trucks all come to WA from “over east” and are always looking to backfill for the leg back east."

Rubber Products

1961-1966 Thunderbird Parts From Parts Cars

The next link is to many Australian/New Zealand Wrecker websites. To find the New Zealand ones, click on that link in the first website.

Many Australian Auto Wrecker websites. To find other parts of Australia and New Zealand, click on this website first. The second link is for Victoria only.

Importing Classic Cars & Parts from the USA to Australia

Importing Classic Cars & Parts from the USA & other Countries to New Zealand

Many Down Under Tbird owners order their parts directly from the US Tbird parts houses that you will find here in the Advertisements Forum.

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