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Default '61 T Bird w/ C6 Transmission

Okay, so my second post ever... LOL

My '61 T Bird seems to have had the original transmission swapped out for a C6. The shift pattern on the C6 must be a lot closer together than the original, as the column shift markers do not line up at all. I know that the Drive gear is on neutral. LOL It did create some problems at first when driving the car and not knowing this. I put it in D on the column, and it never shifted out of that gear. LOL

My question is, does anyone make anything to fix this?? Either a new marker plate for the column, or some new shift linkage that makes the C6 shift pattern the same distance? It is the same P R N D basically with the other forward gears, so I would think it wouldn't be too hard. Any help is appreciated!!
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